Dealing With People You Lend Or Loan Money To

It is always a good thing to help people when they are in need.  If you see someone that needs a few dollars for the bus or they are a little short of cash in a specific situation, if you can help pay for their items it shows a level of humanity not found in many people.  When working with banks such as Columbia Bank Woodbridge however, it can be a little more difficult and legal – you will need to have a good reason to borrow money and be able to pay it back.

Talk to people

When we lend money to people it is a good idea to talk to them about it beforehand.  When someone is in need to get their rent paid, a payment for a car or whatever, they will say and agree to anything.  This is why you really want to talk to them, put thing in order before you lend them money.  If you don’t they will turn it around on you as you gave it to them and you are the bad guy for doing so.

Expect not to get it back

It is a sad truth but if you lend people money, don’t expect to ever get it back.  More often than not, if they are unable to pay for the item now, they will be unable to pay for it later and to pay you back for the money you give them.  So, don’t think of it as a loan, think of it as a give.

Don’t give if you can’t lose

Don’t give people anything unless you are prepared to lose it.  It is a sad fact, but more often than not you won’t get repaid.

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Don’t sweat it

It is only money.  It will come and go and you can’t take it with you when you die.  So, don’t sweat it.  If you can help people and you feel good for doing so then do it.  If you can’t help people, then just tell them you can’t do it.  If they understand that is good.  If they don’t it is something that you can’t control.